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> > I do find it interesting that many people sems to require a doomsday
> > scenario to find some kind of fulfillment.
> Art Bell and Whitney Schriber have a doomsday book out has to do
> with Global warming and weather catastrophe.

Freud, you will recall, in his metaphorical manner of expression
spoke of the most primitive and fundamental conflict of the
human psyche as that between "Eros" and "Thanatos". He
meant by the latter his universal "Death Wish" which was
directed internally or projected externally.

This is one perspective on the noted fascination of our kind
with both apocalyptic eschatology and compulsive risk-taking,
not to mention the mass-psychological tendency of individuals
to submerge themselves in groups and collective-identities.

In all these cases, Freud observed that invariably "death" was


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