Re: humor alert

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 22:04:00 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> > [john grigg likes] the idea of several people working together under one name
> > to create
> > the impression of a superhuman intellect...
> Uh oh, you caught us John. {8-[
> Ive a better idea: one person working under several different
> names to create the impression of a superhuman ignoramity.

It's been done to death. Just check almost any usenet group. One of
the ones I hang out in even has a name for the alters, its so common:

Sock puppets.

Most who do it aren't smart enough to change their writing style. Heck,
they aren't even smart enough to realize they HAVE a writing style!



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