Re: Anal talk of freedoms

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 10:27:09 MST

In CA, you can be jailed for carrying _concealed_ anything "capable of
ready use" as a stabbing instrument which can cause grave injury or
death. It's a "wobbler", meaning they can charge you with either a
misdemeanor or a felony, depending on how the cop(s)/DA(s) are feeling.

So carry on a tool belt is probably OK, as long as other clothes don't
cover it. But put it in a toolbox, and *bang*--under the law, it's a
crime to carry. As with many stupid laws, it's likely to only be an
add-on charge *after* you do something bad--*unless* someone decides to
"selectively enforce" your ass just 'cause they feel like it. Which, as
we know, *never* happens in LA or anywhere else in the Land of the Free.


Carry in your hand, in what someone decides to construe as a menacing
manner, and you've got a heap of other laws to run afoul of.

Timothy Bates wrote:
> on 3/17/39 9:45 AM, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> >>> Or if you are carrying a pair of kitchen scissors in New South Wales
> >>> you can go to jail for 14 years.
> >> Surely that's only if you're caught running with them?
> > In Los Angeles, you can be jailed for carrying a screwdriver.
> Is it a crime by definition, or a crime if it is deemed an offensive weapon?
> In many countries carrying an offensive weapon is a crime, and this can be
> anything including a piece of rope if you are a tuggie.
> In NSW, it is a crime per-se
> cheers,
> tim

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