RE: (de Garis') are fake neurons

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 22:47:44 MST

>Billy Brown writes:
> > That isn't quite how I read it. My understanding is that they encode the
> > configuration and state information for each FPGA-sized block

If there are any other pig-ignorant clods like me out there, a useful
source of info on these gadgets is

which sez inter alia:

Most FPGAs do not provide 100% interconnect
      between logic blocks (to do so would be prohibitively expensive).
      sophisticated software places and routes the logic on the device much
like a
      PCB autorouter would place and route components.

      A generic description of an FPGA is a programmable device with an
      array of logic blocks, surrounded by a ring of programmable input/output
      blocks, connected together via programmable interconnect. There are a
      variety of sub-architectures within this group. The secret to density
      performance in these devices lies in the logic contained in their
logic blocks and
      on the performance and efficiency of their routing architecture.

And here I was guessing that FPGA was some kind of genetic algorithm...

(But this site's description makes it sound as if I was being uncannily
astute in asking about connectivity.)

Damien the clueless but intrepid

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