Re: Viruses

From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 17:40:29 MST

> > Is superintelligence still a contested issue?
> >
> No one can guarantee that the superintelligent horse would arrive
> before the necessity of building a viral cart from scratch.

I can't imagine the technology for (safely) eliminating each and every
virus coming much (if any) before superintelligence, but I'm not a

> Your
> point concerning mapping existing viruses prior to eliminating them
> is well taken, and will happen if we are wise. There is always a
> possibility that any form of life might prove of future utility to us,
> even if we can discern no present use. I think that it is a good
> principle to follow NEVER to take an action that might forclose
> possibly beneficial future possibilities.

Thanks. I thought it was obvious though.

Personal note:

I've only been aware of this community for less than a month. I read
"The Thinking Machine" and "The First Immortal" in Dec '99 and visited
the "Extropy Online" site for the first time earlier this month. I've
been devouring transhumanist, extropian and technology websites as fast
as I can. "New convert" syndrome, perhaps...

Loree Thomas

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