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From: D.den Otter (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 17:05:01 MST

> From: Clint O'Dell <>

> From: D.den Otter
> >>_Death Is Not an Event in Life_ by James Still
> html This essay nicely illustrates a common flaw in atheist
> thinking, namely the almost dogmatic rejection of
> immortality,<<
> Oh, come on now, we all know this is just one atheist
> person's view on-life.

Not just any atheist's view, though; James Still is currently
the president of the Internet Infidels. But, more importantly...
(see below).

> If it was all of ours would all of us
> atheists be on this list?

We are the exception to the rule; there are millions of
atheists and just a couple thousand transhumanists/
extropians and even fewer cryonicists. The atheist
mainstream is clearly (either passively or actively)

> I'm not a member of the Exropian Institute (just the mailing
> list for now) so I don't know all the events. Just email me
> the events or ask him yourself.

I'm not a member either, but perhaps someone at ExI can
take care of this. Is there already a date set for the next Extro
conference? The Fourth Alcor Conference on Life Extension
Technologies will be held on June 17-18, 2000 (see: for details), and there will
also be an European transhumanist gathering in London
this summer, but there's no specific date for that yet (see:
> >>
> The more people react to this, the better. Atheists, of all
> people, should be open to transhumanistic ideas, but these
> irrational deathist memes are holding them back.
> Perhaps repeated exposure to positive anti-memes can
> get at least some of them on the right track.
> <<
> Great idea.

And great replies by you and Loree Thomas. It will be
interesting to see Mr. Still's reaction.

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