Re: Patents

Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 17:03:06 MST

Lee Daniel Crocker, <>, writes:
> Yes, it's true I have a much harder problem arguing against copyrights
> for software--and most of the intellectual property investors look at
> for software companies would be copyrights and trademarks rather than
> patents (though I suppose there are a few exceptions).

I question this. As a test I went to the top of the Yahoo message board
area for investments,
I did a "subject" search for copyright*, trademark*, and patent* (the
asterisks allow for plurals). Here are the results:

copyright* 15 msgs
trademark* 3 msgs
patent* 160 msgs

There are far more messages discussing patents than copyrights and

Obviously this is a somewhat crude benchmark but I don't have a better
way to get a handle on which form of IP is most important for investors.


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