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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 08:54:59 MST

On Tuesday, December 14, 1999 12:59 PM Eugene Leitl wrote:
> We're almost certainly not talking about MD-scale simulation here
> (through the high watermark of a billion-atom simulation of Cu
> crystals have been achieved, and I'm pretty confident that we can put
> a cubic micron of a biological system into the machine, and look at 1
> ns dynamics of it brute force (and much longer time spans with
> tricks)) within the next decade.
> In principle, if you could integrate these two current complementary
> packages
> it would be probably up to the challenge of making a pretty good model
> of a minimal organism.

It would be nice to take this work and apply it to antiaging and cryonics
research. A few years ago, I suggested coming up with a mathematical model
of cryopreservation so as to come up with better cryoprotectants through use
of genetic algorithmns. (My assumption was the model would be highly
nonlinear and very complex so that this method of search would be better
than trial and error or an exhaustive search.)

Anyone interested in this?

And what is the current method of research on this? I hear about results,
but I'm not sure about the program. I assume it's basically trial and error
because the results seem disjointed.

Let it snow!

Daniel Ust

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