Re: Taboos

From: Sasha Chislenko (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 14:09:07 MST

Dogs don't have much problem exhibiting sexual interests
in front of anybody, but would drag food into the bushes.

One of my favorite dance places last year was in a basement of a gay
bar. Two of my women friends tried to dance topless - freedom and
spiritual openness, it was for them. Nobody had much of a problem with it, except for the people less familiar with the group the usual problem
of making believe they are not paying as much attention as they would
love to pay if they didn't have to make believe they are not interested...
But then the manager came down and said that this should be stopped,
or they would have to close the whole thing. At the same time, at the
entrance upstairs the TV screens were showing hard-core gay pornos.
Go figure...

I am not saying that taboos are unnatural. Not that it's that relevant.
Nature, restrictions, and good are largely mutually independent, IMO.

I am just saying that persecution of people in the absence of rational
discussions of what restrictions are reasonable in what settings, and
denial that any irrational repression takes place, is a crime against
both freedom and reason.

And the more complex and diverse the society, the more harm and tension
will follow from illogical repressions, and the harder it will be to
untangle the psychological and social knots.

Sasha Chislenko <>

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