Re: Selfishness (Was: Re: Polemics for longevity)

Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 10:00:29 MST

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 This hypothesis equates this "cause" with what we call "sociality", or
 more simply, "cooperation". It is not merely that each constituent
 unit is perfectly selfish and in operating without the slightest interest
 in other units is so integrated into the whole that the survival of the
 organization is enhanced. To take one example, this organization will
 subordinate the interests of units to the the survival of the brain,
 sacrificing them as needed in the interests of collective survival.
 Autophagia of muscle tissue to supply the brain with essential nutrients
 is a case in point.[2]

For an interesting, if flawed, view of the balancing act of unity with
autonomy in evolution read "Teh Janus" by Arthur Koestler. It is an animated
and humorous look at organisms, minute to huge....

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