Re: decriminalizing drugs... and more

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 20:14:33 MST

Sasha wrote,

>I find it shocking that most of American population would be
>considered criminals if the things they do were known - according
>to the laws they collectively support. This is no different from
>any other repressive regime. Actually, in some that I know, most
>people actually believed the gov't. In U.S., they don't.

Many people in the US simply prefer to forget about government, and get on with
their lives. You might view this as hypocritical, since the US advertises itself
as a democracy, but if this cognitive dissonance works, if it does keep
government out of personal life, then it will just have to do, until a real
apolitical society comes along.

>(I like reminding people that out of millions of animal
>species, humans are the only one who have any problem seeing
>each other naked - and this is entirely the consequence of
>warped social norms.)

Perhaps so, but then again, I really, really don't want to see the US Congress
without clothes.
<Yech! Bleech! Puke! Gag!>

>The laws contradict each other and don't make any sense.
>The examples are too numerous to list.

Perhaps all laws should contradict each other and make no sense, because the
more that happens, the more people can ignore laws, and freedom prevails.

>I don't think the current U.S. population would ever *be able*
>to live in openness in the mildest issues. They are all so
>brainwashed and warped they'll have to die without ever seeing

Ouch! You have a valid point there, I think. Who has done this nasty thing to
the US population? Did secular government do it? Or is it that the people who
founded this country (yeah, I live in the US), were religious fanatics with
guns? When you try to separate the Church from the State, it pisses off the
Church more than reasonable people may appreciate.

>I'd venture to define violence as depriving people of free choice
>of their experiences. U.S. gov't applies violence to everybody
>- to the extent that people don't even know anymore what they would
>feel if they were free.

People don't know anymore what they would feel if they were free -- and not
taking psychedelic drugs to feel it.

--J. R.

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