Re: creating a world that truly values children

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 15:11:48 MST

> Spike wrote:
> Looks to me like we have now or will soonhave the technology to selectively
> block the action of any hormone,and we should be able to figure out which of
> john grigg wrote:
> Spike my friend, what planet do you live on? :)

I often wonder that myself. {8^D

> Actually, religion, emotions
> and hormones can be positive forces at in causing couples to want to bring
> children into the world and nurture them.

Ja, what I had in mind was to block the parenthood emotions while the
*decision* was being made to do or not do parenthood. After the
decision is made, then the parents would stop using the hormone
blockers. This would allow all those humans nurturing emotions to kick in
that have proven so effective in the survival of our species, by preventing
parents from fleeing away from the shrieking wretches they brought into
this previously quiet world. {8^D

> But I'm sure that Vulcan parents would quite agree with you, at least before
> pon farr kicked in!

Pon farr? Was that the time Spock got horny and nearly slew Kirk? Or
was it the time Jethro back at the double wide parked his pickup next
to the waterhole and diesel fuel leaked out onto the surface and ignited? {8^D

> To have a world where every child is loved, have everyone be genetically
> engineered to be sterile until they consider themselves ready.

Im with ya there, bud. In my ideal world, *every person* has complete
power to veto the creation of a new human life with their genetic material.
It would still take two to say yes, but any one person can say no. Thats
the ideal. spike

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