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Subject: rights for late-term and yet unborn human beings...

>Isn't a late-term fetus (last trimester) to be honest a... baby? Semantics
>are used to make something appear not so human and so more easily disposed

What makes human life special and worth preserving does not have anything to
do with our biological properties, it's our mental properties. A fetus lacks
these mental properties. A 3 minute old baby lacks most of them as well,
however, it is immediately upon birth that these properties start to
manifest itself, and mental development follows a timeline which begins at
birth. The length of time it takes a baby to be able to recognize his
mother's face is something like 5 minutes after birth (this figure is not
exact, maybe someone can provide the exact figure). If the baby is a week
premature, the facial recognition still develops 5 minutes after birth - not
a week and five minutes. Although the differences between a baby who is 3
seconds old and a baby who is to be born in 3 seconds are insignificant, it
is this event of birth that serves as a definite and undeniable
"singularity" in development as a thinking being. It's a lot more them

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