Re: Rational nursery tales

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 23:03:48 MST

> > deriving the same benefit for less cost by mooching, clearly the wrong
> > lesson to teach our young children. The first two piggies should be eaten.
> wrote: mean mean mean MEAN!!!!

Only until one recalls that eating little piggies is exactly what people
do, even nice people. The fact that carnivourous animals exist must
be dealt with when teaching children. One has the option of raising
vegetarian children, an option which should be taken seriously.

Experience: I am acquainted with a bright child who had not, at the
age of 5, been introduced to the concept of death. She was raised
vegetarian. Her parents judged that it was not yet the time, and I,
not wanting to question their judgement, played along.

One day, I showed her a seashell. She asked where it came from.

I: There are little sea animals that create shells such as these.

She: Oh? So, where is this little animal now?

I: [stammering] uh, it, uh...I, uh... Well, you know, sometimes
little animals grow too large for their shells! Then, of course,
they move out! And, uh, move into, uh, larger shells, that, uh,
were moved out of by still larger animals! heh heh...

She: Oh? So where are the larger animals that moved out
of these larger shells?

I: They... I... [I switched my pager off and on, so that it
beeped] ooops! Gotta run!

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