storytime with Eliezer!!

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 20:49:27 MST

Eliezer wrote:
>The common story of "The three little piggies" - building houses of
>straw, wood, and brick respectively - fails to realistically model
>rational planning.

I wish I could be there Eliezer when you have kids and it is your turn to
put them to bed and tell a story! Please tell me, how would you handle
other classic stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk,
Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the three bears and the more recent Paul
Bunyon? I'm sure you could work into them all your favorite themes. This
is my story title "Nano, the littlest nanobot that could!"

I think you should expand your website to include transhumanist children's
stories! This could really help all those parents out there who run out of
good stories to tell. I'd like to see Anders also get into the act.

Please Eliezer, tell us all a story!!! :)


John Grigg
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