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Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 11:00:19 MST

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<< > I think people will first have to abandon the concept
> of a soul before they're willing to view life as just
> a collection of molecules.

no. Many paople carry both beleifs but refuse the reductionist view .
IMO humans (or any other totally complex organism) being "just" anything
sounds goofy.
You are "just' chemicals and water, you heart is "just" a blood pump, we live
on "nothing but" a mixture of elements.

The reductionist view is a big fat turn off for many people.
They may choose to see how we can be souled, spirited, or whatever concept
they care to use - AND - be evoloving, physics-bound beings.
Look at it this way.

When we can PUT TOGETHER our molecules after we dismantle them, then people
MAY give over and admit that there is not a an 'essence vital".

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