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Hello all,

Two quick ideas that I'd like to throw out as ways to spread the concepts of transhumanism.

1) I think this has been suggested before, but a student essay contest on a topic such as, "What is Transhumanism." If we all threw in about $10 U.S. that might make a decent incentive to get students to research transhumanism. I would start the essay contest with the sample topic above, then maybe change emphasis in subsequent years if the first contest is a success.

2) How about a Transhumanist Olympic Games? I think this one as a long term project has a lot of potential. Competition would be open to all, regardless of age, size, gender, morphology, disability or enhancement. Anyone could submit an idea for a specific competition as long as they were willing to plan and run it (or could find someone else who would). We could have competitions in physical prowess, intellectual skill, artistic ability, etc, all in the same big event. We could even have some that cross areas. For example, we could have a Triathelon with running a mile, then solve a series of physics problems, and ending by composing and reciting an original poem based on the previous two legs of the event (this is only an example<g>). I think there could be two types of awards given after the first Transhuman Games. One would be the traditional award for being the best competitor that year in the respective event. The other award would be for being the contestant w!
ho showed the greatest improvement in their event from the previous Games. If the Transhuman Games were able to gain in popularity, I'd like to see year round games sponsored on all levels of competition, and then put greater prestige into the award system for personal improvement. I still think we need the competitive award system to keep motivated those who are at the top of their event should there be a temporary plateau in development.

As for those who are modified or are using chemical or other means of enhancement, I propose that there be an open policy where enhancements are allowed if they are not detrimental to the overall health of the contestant (we might want to have a board of physicians rule on these on a case by case basis) and that the means of enhancement are listed as part of their statistics. This way it will become easier to identify and spread useful enhancement techniques.

I look forward to your comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

Glen Finney

P.S. - Maybe we should call the Transhuman Games the Promethean Games (or Protean Games<g>).

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