Re: Cryopreserving the unborn

From: Technotranscendence (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 20:40:54 MST

On Monday, January 17, 2000 8:10 AM Zeb Haradon
> >There are at least three problems with this. One, most people know very
> >little about cryonics anyway. So, said news report would probably go
> >unnoticed.
> If you just mentioned "cryonics", perhaps most people might not know what
> you mean.. if you gave a brief description of the procedure, I think the
> majority of people would know what you were talking about, and right now,
> it's most associated with Furutama (sp?) and Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers
> movies (at least that's what people say when I bring it up).

And those views of it -- the Futurama (I don't know how to spell it either:)
TV show and Austin Powers movie -- are not kooky?:)

Most people I know who I talk to about this stuff do not know a lot about
it. And I talk mostly to people who are technology professionals. (Sure,
anyone can meet someone over the internet who shares her or his interest in
cryonics or what have you, but in my person to person contacts, what I said
is the case.) Now, as one can see in my previous email and this one, I
don't claim these people know nothing about it. I merely claim they don't
know a lot about it and are probably assigning it a low priority in their
lives and minds anyhow.

If we constantly worry, "What will everyone think of us?" then very little
will get done, IMHO. I'm sure you've all heard of that donkey story in one
of Aesop's fable...

Who's kidding who?:)

Daniel Ust

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