Re: MUSIC ( not vs) Techno and Prog ?

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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 19:11:17 MST

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> I agree, and it goes for traditional instruments too. How many times have I
> heard Ben Fold's Five playing, for instance, and thought to myself "jeez,
> that's just a plain old piano he's playing. How mediocre >>
> That plain old piano has a series of undertones that would blow you away if
> you understood their delicate nature...

Which is one of the primary reasons it is *soooo* difficult to make a
really good synthesized piano sound. The really good "computer generated"
piano sounds are massively sampled monsters that take 128Mb to run (a
*lot* of sampled audio), since the piano harmonics don't approximate well
to simple algorithms that are suited to your common synthesis
architectures. On the other hand, I understand that virtually piano
modeling engines will be with us very soon; technology moves forever

-James Rogers

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