Re: Civil disobedience; dealing with mundanes

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 20:18:02 MST

Sasha wrote,
>For all effective reasons, I am the child of the 90's.
>Could you elaborate on those?

Hi Sasha,

I thought you referred to public demonstrations, performance art, protests, and
that sort of thing. Not much of that goes on in the 90s (unlike the 60s). Except
for the WTO stuff last year (last millennium), and some skirmishes in Chico,
California before that, I haven't heard of much along those lines.

>Well, some groups will profit from that, let them run it.
>I thought I'd just inspire somebody.

You do inspire. I appreciate your work, and I enjoy your web site. Thank you.

>You have any statistics? Raves are fun, except that there
>are mostly young kids there. I love their company, but could
>use more; besides, playing with kids at times brings too much
>trouble, especially with the conservative parents and authorities,
>and the presence of the repressive government spoils much of the fun.

Yep, mostly kids rave. Haven't gone to one myself. Kids don't like me much.
Good. Keeps 'em outta my way.

>There are so many conservative groups around who impose their
>idiotic rules that they consider natural but they are so
>illogical that one can't even guess what may upset them.

I experienced that first hand recently. A conservative neighbor said I
"insulted" him, and kicked me with his booted foot as hard as he could. I didn't
see it coming. Asked him why he did it, and all he just shouted "You don't know?
You don't know?" When I finally got him out of the house (yes he did it in my
house), I felt very relieved. He has never apologized, and I no longer
communicate with him.

>And they want to hurt you for any sign of deviation from their
>picked-out-of-the-ass behavioral norms.

You got that right. I think their power trip control freak behavior constitutes
mental illness.

>Big and increasing annoyance in my life recently, as I am getting
>personally more and more liberated, while in the eyes of the
>aging mundane "peers" I should be behaving more and more like
>a stable middle-aged professional, with respect to religious
>values, authorities, mundane life experiences, etc.

Done any LSD lately?

>Can't live with mundanes, can't help them (you help one to
>become half-free, the others want to kill you, you help another
>in something else - the first one joins the persecution), can't
>kill them, can't escape from them.

"Can't live with 'em... Pass the beer nuts."
--Norm, on Cheers

>Any options that I missed?

You forgot the neo-socialist collectivist Borg hide-bound herd mentality elites
who think they can solve the world's problems by making everyone equal (except
for themselves, of course, who must direct everything).

J. R. Molloy

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