Re: ABCNews on microcountries

From: D.den Otter (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:01:21 MST

> From: Sasha Chislenko <>
> See
> Maybe it's time to declare the extropian country/phyle/?
> What could it do practically, inside and outside its jurisdiction?
> Organize internal efforts? Adjudicate conflicts?
> Act as a political force?

No doubt all of the above, to some extent...But more importantly:
it could be used to (re-)focus the transhuman/extropian effort.
Help to raise some much-needed funds, coordinate some essential
projects, things like that. Oh, and of course it could generate
some extra publicity, and as the saying goes: "any pulicity is
good publicity"...

> Who would be admitted?

Depends on the privileges that one gets. Maybe you could
have a tiered system with "residents" (passport and some
basic privileges, but no voting rights) and citizens (with
voting rights -- this too could be tiered with those who
contribute more duly having more influence). Perhaps you
could also have an order of transhuman knights or priests,
people of great philosophical purity who have shown true
commitment to transhumanism. Yes, that would be pretty cool...

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