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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 08:18:19 MST

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<< Unity does not mean uniformity.
 Overall, I found the tone of your post rather trollish, especially
 given the message of cooperation Kathryn was conveying. Was it
Happy new Year Extropian List! WOO HOO!!!
I had to come back and share in the fun, since "The future is Fun Again"
: ) heheheh

I totally disagree Anders, I do not think the message she was conveying was
cooperative. I think it was condescending and troublesome and syrupy and
Extropy is a subset? Listen, I heard of transhumanism from them, not the
other way around.
I have to be completely honest here.
I am really pissed to hear that crap: After all the nasty things she's
accused my friends of, to imply in any way that they "volunteer" and
"support" another agenda, no way.
I'm sick to death of this insisting that whoever she is, she is equal (or now
above) these really nice, kind, sweet people who are so committed to their
flight, and who have worked their asses off on some really amazing
publications, conferences, books, and newsworthy events. People who literally
open their door and are so gracious.

I've heard enough.
You may call me a Pink Haired Troll Doll, but I think it looks like a
transparent grab for publicity.

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