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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 04:40:38 MST

Robert Bradbury <> writes:

> I'm still thinking what I thought at Extro3 -- and the point is ???
> If they are doing this to try and get us to wake up and go slower,
> all I can do is wish them is lots of luck. I'd put the odds pretty
> low for the thing lasting long enough for the first cuckoo to tweet.

Remember Kelly's talk about time capsules - few last even a few years.

I think the aim is a bit more reasonable than just make us go slower,
and that is to make people think over longer time periods. This is
actually something that can be helpful for us. Transhumanism seeks to
break free of the human scale of things, to make it possible for us to
act on hierto inaccessible scales and levels. While blazingly fast
activity is part of this thinking, the other side is extreme longevity
and projects spanning enormous scales. Just getting people to think
about a millennium as a short span of time is in a way a small victory
for transhumanist thinking, because it implies the possibility of
acting and thinking on transhuman scales.

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