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Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 14:10:01 MST

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  For many, the world is a stage, and they are merely players. But
  I subscribe neither to the view that social behavior is necessarily
  theatrical, nor the view that human life is a performing art. >>

Shakespeare made that meme - yes, but not many of us (sociapaths aside)
*literally* consider life a game, or a farce or a play. It is a metaphor, a
parable... to say that we are players implies that we should not take life so
fr**kin seriously, no?

<< I do mean that I do not engage in role-playing as a means of social
  interaction; but in my opinion you confuse role-playing with ethics,
  customs, manners and conventions.

No, i do not confuse them, thought they are here inter-mingling.
A role can be how one behaves, and one can follow conventional roles or
unconventional one. It can be chosen, or it can be forced upon one through
family or peers. From what I understand of your post, you are striving to not
play roles *inflicted* on you by others. Then - if you consistantly forgo
all roles - you are playing a role of the "unroleful one" ; )

>>If this very real difference is
  observed, then I can also say I DO engage in ethics, customs,
  manners and conventions as a means of social interaction.

Yes. Doing that certainly will make your life path less bumpy.
  To the extent that others to IDENTIFY me, i.e. decide who I am, by
  using socially-provided generic role-concepts, vocational stereotypes,
  personality models or gender icons they simply confuse me with
  something else. Whenever appropriate, I earnestly strive to help them
  correct their misunderstanding.
Again, it may be semantics we are arguing over, but it seems to me thatyou do
not object to accepting self appointed roles ( a given task, certain
predetermined paths of repeated action that interact one's environment in and
over time)** - again, you just don't want OTHERS to determine your roles for

(* Example of a role: accepting the *role* of a father - which is quite
different from becoming a father, which requires no commitment)

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