From: chris abraham (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 05:13:18 MST

Letter to Extropians Mailing List: "Introductions"

Happy new years!

My name is Chris Abraham and I am a Washingtonian.

I started as a student, then became a poet, then
a photographer and find myself a Systems Admin and
Virtual Community hobbiest.

My real connection to Extropy is the Virtual
Community and the level of connection that I
am able to attain regardles of my spacetime
specification. Asynchronously. I began my
journey while as an artist with ArtsWire
<> and then to The Meta
Network <> but not have my
own pilot project <> wherein
I explore Memetics -- which is how I found
this list.

I support what I see here and believe that
we will not suffer the Frankenstein curse as
a result, but I also suggest that extropia has
been part of our lives ever since we have taken
to tools and clothing; then to vehicles, which
are in fact body extentions that make us into
a very specialised 6-million-dolar man with each
application -- the move to nanotech _Diamond
Age_ or _Mona Lisa Overdrive_ bodytech is just
a matter of time.

This is not a good time for Extropians,
methinks, right now, because I am experiencing
a very powerful meme in the works and that is
a return to the natural (whatever that means
currently) and that excludes (in America)
Genertic Engineering of foods. European trends
were small potatoes but essential to our whole
food and slow food mentality.

Bit I wish you luck and I will be here to chat.
I beg you to look at the link I gave your list
and by proxy your site: <>
and please feel free to come by and check out
MemeSpace <> -- its always in
mid-creation but I would be honored to have
to have the voice of change there as well.



Chris Abraham <> Tel: +1 703 243-6622 x503
Caucus Systems, Inc. 2000 N 15th St 207 Arlington VA 22201
<> Business Conversations On The Web

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