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From: phil osborn (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 23:26:38 MST

>From: (Julian Assange)>Subject: sex idiocy
>Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 08:55:38 +1100 (EST)
> a) up until recently, sex has never been `for fun'.
> b) any AI's wasting cycles on `for fun', will be replaced
> by those better able to manage their resources.
>It's possible, indeed likely, that some form of strategic code-swapping
>will evolve (or be built-into) AI's. Those able to do it sucessfully
>will survive. If this forms a vital part of relative AI power, it will
>be every bit as daunting and enjoyable to AI's as sex is to humans.
Not for FUN????? Geez! Have you guys never watched or read anything from
Experimental Psych? Do you think that the lower animals - or even most
humans throughout history - thought that sex was about procreation or
preserving their genes?

What is "fun." What is play? Most of what we or any higher mammal or
bird does is not directly connected with getting food, shelter, air or
progeny. It's all about information - specifically feedback. We and most
of the animals above the level of fish engage in sex as part of a continuum
of self-actualization and feedback. We NEED to see who we are and how we
relate to the world. We get this from doing things or attempting to do
things - especially novel and risky things.
We get the parts of this that relate directly to our identity as a member of
a species via relations with others of our species who percieve us and react
accordingly - as in play, where we learn to refine those types of
perception. Sex is merely one of the extreme forms of this.
Orgasm is NOT a matter of 0.8 second contractions, which are specific to
humans, BTW, and thus cannot possibly be a defining element, as many, many
other species have orgasms. Orgasms are a system function, as when the
perceptions of oneself - not the phsical mirror image, but who we really are
as a person or animal - are fed back purely and directly via the reactions
of another consciousness - or via masturbation, which reinforces the same

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