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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 18:11:17 MST

Robert Owen wrote:

>Of course, each of us acts in one way or another as a political agent--
>but as a citizen, not an Extropian. Since our organization is international,
>the alternative is a descent into provincialism and disunity.

        It seems that you are missing the dichotomy between transhumanism and
Extropianism. It can be said that all Extropians are transhumanists, but
not vice versa; in fact, I once worked on a transhumanist project whose
editor was vehemently anti-Extropian. An Extropian is generally in
alliegance with the principles written by Max, and has a vested interest in
where mankind is going, and how we get there. A transhumanist generally
seeks to transcend the boundaries of the present, opting for a
technologically quickened future, while retaining the sense of humanism.
The methods and perspectives of how to attain the ideals vary widely. It
is all written out clearly on, as well as many other
transhumanist and Extropian sites.

        Like Eliezer, I'm still unclear on what you mean by the 'politicizing' of
the transhumanist movement and why we must "...descen[d] into provincialism
and disunity." Neither transhumanism or Extropianism is a politic...there
was a good thread on this a few months ago which should be in the archives
at the Extropy website. If this isn't what you mean, please explain.

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