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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 15:06:52 MST

--- wrote:
> Close readers of the list will know that I am one of
> the most vocal and consistent worriers about
> opposition to transhumanism. Ruminating (some
> might say obsessing) about this over the holiday,
> I've decided that a more systematic approach to
> concern about sources of opposition to our ideals
> and goals is necessary. To this end, I've begun
> work on a website in which I will collect links to
> groups and resources that appear to present a
> current or potential threat to the transhumanist
> agenda. The working draft of the site is at:

Some of the things those people say is truly
frightening. Oh, and I have a few additional sites I
found which you might want to add:
* "The Anti-Technology Page" (mirrored on the
   following pages:)
* then, of course, there's the Luddites homepage:
* "Liberty-Search", some of the contents of which I
  thought seem to indicate a very conservative mindset
* "The Impacts of Information-Technology"
* "Brave New World Of Milk", a Times article from 1994
  (yeah, it's kinda old, but I found it kinda
* and then there's "Implantable Bio-Chip Technology",
  page filled with some anti-implant religious

Okay, that's all I had time to find. But I'm sure
there's plenty more, unfortunately.

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